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Supporting the Public Sector

We’re proudly supporting the Public Sector across local government, education and transport. With stretched budgets and an ever increasing demand for digitised access to public services, it’s more important than ever to drive operational efficiencies through digital transformation.

Automation — powered by conversational AI — can do just that, and we believe that the gains delivered through service and process automation lead to better, faster, cheaper access to public services, and ultimately a better quality of life for the citizens that need public services the most.


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Driving efficiencies across the Private Sector

Customer expectations have changed. We expect access to products, services and information 24/7, and across a multitude of channels. Businesses lose billions of pounds every year through poor customer service, but service automation through conversational AI can solve the issue.

We believe that automated access to products, information and services creates a point of differentiation for organisations, drives operational efficiencies, and massively improvers the customer experience. Take a look at how we help private sector companies do better for less.


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Solutions for your internal and external customers

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Reduce inbound calls and emails by up to 60%. Facilitate customer self service through chatbots and voice assistants. Build, integrate and deploy bots that will free your teams' time and delight your customers.

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Client testimonials

“WBB have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive in their approach to ensure their projects and system delivers.”

GABRIELLE MANCINI West Berkshire Council

“83% of all waste queries are being handled by the bot. With waste making up 54% of all queries this means that we have already given 100s of hours of time back to the contact centre.”

Monmouthshire County Council

“WBB have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive in their approach to ensure their projects and system delivers.”

Carmarthenshire County Council

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Intelagent product releases - July 2021

30 June 2021

NLP is what makes great customer experience possible. It allows bots to communicate with end users in a way that mirrors human conversation. 

Latest product releases - June 2021

02 June 2021

NLP Model Editing

World, meet V.I.B.E

28 April 2021

Ironically for a company called We Build Bots, we've always wanted to let our customers build their own bots (if they so desired)!

Product releases - April 2021

28 April 2021


Welcome to The Neighbourhood

06 March 2021

Working with a large number of UK Local Authorities has given us great insight to the varied citizen enquiries they handle.

What is software as a service (SaaS) and why does it matter?

12 November 2020

Patrick Hosch, Chief Commercial Officer of WBB talks about the 'SaaS' Business Model to help us understand why it's great for the public sector.

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