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Trusted across the public, private and third sectors

“The bots streamline user experience, decreases dwell time and impacts call centre volumes. 
WBB can’t do enough for us, this has been a very positive experience .”

“The Intelagent platform is doing a fantastic job in offering passengers a more convenient way to find information around journey planning, station facilities, and fares.”

“I genuinely believe we are building a market leading chatbot experience with your fantastic team and Intelagent platform. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


When Keolis Amey took over the TfW franchise they allocated £5bn over 15 year to improve infrastructure and the passenger experience. Bots were to form a large part of the initiative.


TfW used Intelagent to build and deploy a passenger facing chatbot they called 'Rhod'! Rhod has improved access to ticketing, station information, and delay repay services.


TfW has seen a 25% reduction in delay repay calls and a 15% reduction is emails related to the same topic. Lost property enquiries via phone and email have also significantly reduced.

Less calls

'Low value' calls are reduced by up to 60%, meaning teams have more time to deal expertly with the customers that really need them.

Less emails

Our bots answer the simple and the not so simple, making meaningless email enquiries a thing of the past.

Higher revenues

Giving your customers fast, effective, automated access to your products and services increases revenues and improves customer retention.

Productive teams

Internal bots work across HR, IT, Finance and all key departments to help teams access the info they need quickly so they can get on with the day job.

Happier customers

Customers who self-serve are proven to be happier, generating higher NPS scores and presenting higher levels of positive sentiment.


Agent augmentation with digital assistants...


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What is a message limit?

When we talk about messages, we mean responses from one of your bots. For example, if a customer asks for a bill update, the bot will ask for a postcode (1 message), and then give the answer to the query (another message). That would count as 2 messages in total. If you hit your limit, your Account Manager will work with you to understand why, and determine whether there's a better license tier for you.

Can I build customer and colleague bots in one license?

Yes, you have control over which bots you build, and who they help. You just need to select that during the build process, it's really easy!

Can I change my plan later?

Yep you can move between plans as you wish and we can pro rata the billing. If you hit your message limit, we will let you know and you can decide whether or not you want to move to the next license level.

What's intelligent chat routing?

Sometimes your bots won't be able to answer questions. In that instance the bot will ask if the user wants to chat to a human. Then the bot will alert the best placed team member to take over the chat based on their skillset and the topic of the enquiry. 

What is a channel exactly?

When we talk about channels, we're basically asking where you want your bot to live! It could be on your website, in a mobile app, on Facebook Messenger, on Whatsapp, on your intranet, or somewhere else, like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

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