What is software as a service (SaaS) and why does it matter?

Patrick Hosch explains how software as a service business models are great for customers.

Patrick Hosch, Chief Commercial Officer of WBB talks about the 'SaaS' Business Model to help us understand why it's great for the public sector.

If you’re not familiar with what SaaS is, it’s short for ‘software as a service’. It’s held in the Cloud,  meaning that all data is stored and accessed remotely over the internet. Despite the Government announcing its 'cloud first policy' it has been reported that only 43% of local authorities have a guidence of strategy for the use of SaaS. 

So, we believe that it's important that our existing customers and our future customers understand what this means and why SaaS could benefit them.

SaaS is about delivering software to anyone, anywhere at any time really. It is hosted in the Cloud, and it is the gold standard in today’s fast changing software world. Our platform, IntelAgent, becomes a service rather than an individual product, reducing the costs for all parties to an absolute minimum.

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SaaS models are radically faster to deploy, there’s a much lower upfront cost and less operational management cost for customers. We hold the responsibility to ensure that our platform is up to date and always accessible to our customers. 

It allows customers to do what they do best – be human and focus on the important parts of their job. They can bring the biggest impact to their customers in a radically shortened time frame.

SaaS also provides much more flexibility to add or remove parts of the software to scale as demand increases or decreases. This means our customers will only pay for what they need.

We work primarily with Local Government and we understand how crucial it is to get to citizens quickly and effectively. A SaaS platform increases speed of deployment, getting to your citizens, and provides agility to react to situational changes in an instant without having to jump through hoops.

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CCO, Patrick Hosch is excited for the future.

“We have just embarked on our journey of Customer Success. Over the next few months we will build on the great foundations the team has already laid. The most important thing is listening. We will conduct regular reviews, helping customers understand the data they collect, improve their customer experience, educate our customers and help them get the most out of the platform. We are also in the process of forming a customer advisory council that will allow us to test ideas, gather feedback on what is important to customers and help them solve their problems through conversational AI.”

SaaS means scalability, flexibility and reduced cost – simple as that.



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