Further Accessibility Improvements to IntelAgent!

We've increased accessibility to IntelAgent through updates to our coding. Read more!

We're passionate about increasing the accessibility of digital services to everyone.

We're excited to announce new accessibility improvements to our platform for our clients, specifically for those in Local Government. As our public sector customers know well, accessibility is important and we must work to ensure that web apps are compatible with the high standards set out by the Government Digital Service.

The 2018 accessibility regulations mean that you're in breach of the law if your website does not comply with accessibility requirements. WBB is passionate about ensuring that all citizens have access to core services and we want to support the public sector in helping society's most vulnerable citizens.

We know that more and more services are becoming digital during lockdown, and Local Authorities must ensure that these online services are in fact accessible to everyone in such a time. 

Most of us take digital accessibility for granted. And if you’re able to read this blog right now, accessibility may not be something that comes to the forefront of your mind. The buttons we had used on our chatbots would have looked and functioned like buttons to you.



However, our buttons did not function as buttons for those who utilise screen readers due to visual impairments. It's for this reason we decided to change things so that our technology could serve these individuals appropriately. 

In this patch, we've updated IntelAgent’s coding for those who rely on screen readers. This means our service now supports better navigation of online services for everyone.

By adding an extra attribute to our code, screen readers now recognise buttons as buttons in the way that all of us would expect. This is a huge quality of life update for those with visual impairments, and ensures that we meet the standards expected of the public sector in compliance with Government Accessibility Requirements.

We now have a rating of 100 on the Google Lighthouse Requirements, a tool for developers to understand the accessibility standards of our customers and meet the standard set. A 100% Google Lighthouse Score means that all of our elements offer the best accessibility to customers who are browsing via phone, web or voice. 

We want to urge our customers to think about accessibility from the start, and we're incredibly proud to continue improving our platform to meet the standards that all customers can expect.

We ensure to meet these standards for our clients at no extra cost, because we understand how important it is to allow wider access to services and help customers protect their vulnerable citizens. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help increase accessibility for your business.

Read more about our work in the public sector.








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