Chatbot Design With We Built Bots: How Can We Make It Great?

Chatbot Design, it’s very much about meeting evolving customer expectations and making sure it works as you intended, but there are ways you can improve...

So, you’ve decided that your next hire is going to be… a chatbot!

Okay, so it’s more of an investment than a hire, but, semantics aside, it’s a smart move.

Integrating AI into your customer-facing services isn’t only for those trendy Gen Z-type brands. It’s very much about meeting evolving customer expectations. And, according to research by Salesforce, 77% of customers say that chatbots are going to do just that – transform their expectations.

Get ready for a market that demands more engaging and helpful brand interactions – with two hurry-ups, please.

40% of buyers just want expedient customer support; they don’t necessarily care whether a robot or a human gets the job done. This tells us that buyers want convenience and independence, something your chatbot can offer 24/7 –– particularly useful if you cater to a global clientele (or night owls).

There’s a significant benefit for contact center operators, too. Chatbots can alleviate the pressure when high volumes of queries come in – especially ones that have easy online solutions. And, for those more complex queries, the chatbot will collect key information to better prepare your human staff when they pick up the conversation with the customer. Just like that, the friction caused by repetitive verification questions is eliminated, and service delivery speeds up.

Your chatbot will continuously patrol the channels you’ve assigned it to (website or social media platforms), offering assistance to visitors and prospects. As a result, contact center staff can focus on other important tasks such as customer retention, upsells, escalations, or professional development.

But, here’s the caveat. In order for your chatbot to do all of these incredible things for your business, some careful planning is required. When you partner with We Build Bots and use the Intelagent platform to create your bot, you’ll gain an expert team that knows how to get the most out of your chatbot technology.


What do we mean by chatbot design?

Essentially, your chatbot is a hologram, a reflection of the things you’ve added to its functionality in order to perform the job you require. So, it’s only going to be as good as the chatbot design you’ve implemented.

With We Build Bots, you don’t need to be a developer or super tech-savvy to design and build the chatbot of your dreams.

In creating our Intelagent platform, our ambition was to enable intuitive chatbot design that would deliver immediate value. We’ve done all the behind-the-scenes work to make sure chatbot design and build is as straightforward as possible.

What factors into your chatbot’s design?

  • The problem the bot has to solve – what’s its purpose?
  • Conversation design flows – building human-like conversations.
  • The bot’s personality and its brand alignment.
  • The media elements that will be used in conversations.
  • The user interface and user experience – what will the customer see?
  • The data you’ll use to assess its performance.
  • Error messages – a contingency plan for when your bot is unable to respond.

Your bot needs to say what you want it to say to the right customer at the right time. It will use natural language understanding to mimic human conversation and project a personality that fits your brand –– it can even have a sense of humor. But, most importantly, it needs to understand what the client is asking and provide a helpful answer. 

Chatbot design should never be about how many bells and whistles you can add to the bot’s functionality. Rather, the focus of chatbot design should be to create a technology that target users actually want to interact with.


How we help you design the perfect chatbot

AI is supposed to make our lives easier and free up space and time for creativity and innovation. We know that the only way you can start enjoying these benefits is by getting the initial stages of your chatbot design project right.

1.      Ensure that a chatbot is right for the job

Chatbots are suitable for just about every industry, from healthcare to real estate agents. But, while they have many online use cases, it’s important to assess whether a bot is the right tool for the particular problem or challenge you’re hoping it will solve.

We will work with you to understand how customers interact with your business, the kind of assistance they need, and whether a chatbot will be the best solution. User behavior is a critical factor in determining if a chatbot will gain the engagement you require.

2.    Teach you how to design conversations

Since your chatbot is going to be quite the talker, you’ll have to spend a bit of time giving him/her all the right lingo. Conversational AI is a technology solution that allows humans to interact with computers in a way that’s familiar, convenient, and recognizable for humans. The AI is programmed to imitate human skills so that it can absorb, understand and generate conversation.

In your chatbot design process, you’ll build conversation flows that reflect how you want to present information to your target users. Our drag-and-drop platform shows you how to plan the sequence of the script, ensuring that your bot is never lost for words. We’ll help you establish and map the key topics that customers want to engage with you on and the questions they ask around those topics. This will help to structure the conversation in a logical, intuitive order.

It’s important to remember that people want quick answers that solve their problems. Clarity and conciseness are essential, so we’ll ensure that your bot isn’t too Shakespearean –– unless your target audience consists of 17th century English literature connoisseurs.

3.    Demystify NLP (Natural language processing)

Human language is, at best, ambiguous. So many factors can impact a receiver’s understanding of what the other person (or bot) is saying –– tone of voice, expression, emphasis, all of these can affect how we comprehend language. Things can be a little vague, words can have multiple meanings or only be suitable in certain scenarios.

NLP works to understand human language automatically using AI. It relies on a library of words and concepts to build narratives.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a linguist to ensure your chatbot’s NLP is set up correctly. Our team of experts and NLP training suite will provide all the necessary support to ensure that your bot says what you want it to.

4.   Give you helpful analytics

Data, as you know, is critical. You can’t make business decisions without it, and you certainly can’t assess your bot’s effectiveness or your customer’s sentiment without analytics. Our platform is designed to collect data on your bot’s interactions, customers’ user experience, and its overall ability to perform. We’ll help you understand this data so that you can continuously refine your bot’s conversations and make the right changes.

5.  Train your contact center staff

Your contact center staff will have to familiarise themselves with their new colleague. Their hands-on experience will play a vital role in shaping up your bot’s personality. Our team will train your call center operators to take over more complex conversations from the bot and ensure that the customer continues to get served efficiently. This training and onboarding will help team members feel confident with the user interface and actively want to use this tool. This is a critical step in ensuring that your chatbot delivers the results you’re after and is used as intended.

We Built Bots help a wide range of public and private organizations create purpose-built, multi-lingual, highly effective chatbots. The secret to our success is the simplicity with which we approach design and the dedicated support we offer to our clients. If you’re excited about the way chatbots can revolutionize your customer interactions and enhance your operations, we’d like to invite you to a free demo of our platform.


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