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Intelagent product releases - July 2021

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NLP is what makes great customer experience possible. It allows bots to communicate with end users in a way that mirrors human conversation. 

The final part of our NLP capability is here!

The journey to enable our customers to fully control their NLP has been a long one. Long days, long nights and the occasional weekend but finally we are able to give our customers the complete solution to building and maintaining NLP within Intelagent.

NLP Model Building means that you now have complete control over how your bot responds to queries. After editing your intents and entities select the Build button Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 11.10.08and the bot will start updating its database. Once completed, You can then map all of your new intents and entities to the bot. 

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

image (13)

1. Edit 

2. Build 

3. Map


Train your bot by adding utterances, intents and entities to your NLP model.


Build your model to include all of the updates

Link your bot's understanding of questions to the right answers contained in your blocks. 


Be sure to catch our Lunch and Learn series to get tips, tools and guidance on creating and building chatbots.

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