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Latest product releases - June 2021

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NLP Model Editing

NLP Model Editing represents the second element of a trifecta of improvements in how our customers can now control the NLP used by their chatbot.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 10.08.26

This one is the newest update to our Natural Language Processing capabilities. 

You now have the power to edit and train your bot in just a few clicks. Make your bot smarter by adding regional dialects with ease and correct unanswered questions without the need to contact us.

Create a better user experience by responding to typed queries with specific blocks and answers. 

Be sure to catch our Lunch and Learn series to get tips, tools and guidance on creating and building chatbots.

Edit =>


<= Map

Train your bot by adding utterances, intents and entities to your NLP model.


For now you can ask WBB to build your model once you have finished editing.

Link your bot's understanding of questions to the right answers contained in your blocks. 



Introducing Webster, our friendly customer support bot.

 Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 15.42.51

Webster lives in Intelagent and is on hand to answer any of your queries from partner opportunities, submitting feature requests to simple how tos. 

Submit support tickets and feature requests, Webster will pass them to the right people. 

If you ever get stuck you can ask Webster “How can I...?” and Webster will be able to share the latest training documents and guides to help you create a great customer experience on your chatbot.

Together with Webster comes a help center with handy how to’s and tips to build and maintain the best version of your bot.

Webster and help center


Takeover stats by Agent

As an extra layer of performance monitoring you can now see the average intervention duration for a particular agent plus the topics they’re handling. Perfect for that 1-2-1.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 11.38.22


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