Product releases - April 2021

Intelagent, our customer service automation platform has undergone some huge updates - read all about those updates here...



VIBE, our Visual, Intuitive, Bot Builder is here! As the name suggests, the power of bot building, integration, train, test and launch is now in your hands. There are a number of ways to use VIBE; from dragging and dropping to using pre-built frameworks to rapidly deploy your bots across a number of channels. Training videos, training sessions and materials are available, and our Customer Success Lead will be in touch soon to help you make the most of this exciting new platform addition. VIBE will be released to all customers shortly, although only on a free trial basis for customers currently on the old license model.

NLP Training
Another VIBE related update; NLP mapping. NLP (natural language processing) is the toughest challenge for conversational AI products like Intelagent. But it’s also the thing that customers value the most (and are most frustrated by when it goes wrong). In line with our ethos of giving our customers the tools they need to improve their bots, we’ve introduced NLP Mapping, the ability to train your bot and improve its natural language processing abilities. As with VIBE, NLP Training will be released to all customers shortly, although only on a free trial basis for customers currently on the old license model.

Salesforce integration

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 07.32.24Our latest 1 click integration addition is Salesforce. Our customers can now integrate with the World’s biggest and most widely used CRM in a click (or two). Handy for raising support tickets directly from your bot, and capturing data directly into your CRM. Our customers can deploy and integrate front and back office bots to make the most of this powerful integration. 

Sometimes 1 click integrations aren’t possible; maybe you’re working with legacy systems or maybe Intelagent doesn’t yet facilitate 1 click integration with your chosen platform(s). Enter the webhook! Regardless of the platforms you work with, Intelagent’s webhook will standardise any integration and help you deliver the functionality you need in hours, not weeks.

Same tab link outs
Our chatbots try to answer as many questions and execute as many processes as possible within the chat window. Sometimes however (let’s say there’s a long form that needs filling in online), it makes more sense to link a user out of the bot, into a web page. While this has always been possible, the web page would previously open in a new window, meaning customers have a second tab open in their browser. We felt this was unnecessary so now links out of the bot (on the same website) will open the relevant webpage in the same window, meaning no extra browser tabs are opened.

Icon minimise

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 07.28.02Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 07.27.51 

Our chatbot icon now minimises as users scroll on your website. Some of our customers reported that the chatbot icon could sometimes obscure ‘cookie preferences’ and other messages so by minimising the icon, these messages are always visible. 

Non standard working weeks

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 07.23.30Setting opening hours that dynamically change how your chatbot reacts to ‘speak to someone’ requests has always been a neat Intelagent feature. But it could sometimes get confused around non standard working weeks - think Christmas, Bank Holidays etc. This new feature means these times of the year can be catered for, so your chatbot understands whether or not an agent is indeed working to take over when a customer requests human support.

Auto close
On the subject of human support, it’s not uncommon for customers to get distracted and leave a live chat with an agent before an issue is resolved. Previously the agent could move on to other chats, but the original chat would stay open indefinitely. This meant 2 things; 1, interaction data got skewed by unclosed chats, and 2, the customer may return weeks later to discuss something else, only to find the bot unresponsive because it’s still waiting for the previous interaction to be closed. The new auto close feature allows you to set a time period of inactivity, after which the chat is automatically closed.

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