Mar 6, 2021 11:39:58 AM

Welcome to The Neighbourhood


Working with a large number of UK Local Authorities has given us great insight to the varied citizen enquiries they handle.

It's fair to say that citizens rely on their Local Authorities for more than just the services Councils actually offer, and that's never been more true than throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

Which got us thinking... what if we analysed all the enquiries we saw through our IntelAgent platform, and integrated the most regularly requested services into a 'single front door'.

Think about when you last moved house (for example). You may well have had to contact 10-20 different suppliers, from DVLA to HMRC, your existing and new Local Authorities, your bank, insurance providers, doctor's surgery, dentist... you get the picture!

Wouldn't it have been easier if you could have done all of the above in one place - via a chat bot on your council's website, a mobile app, or (even better) via Whatsapp, Messenger or Alexa? This is the Digital Neighbourhood, and it's happening now! To date WBB has 12 Local Authorities, 4 utility companies, and a transport authority in the Neighbourhood, and we've only just started talking about the initiative.

Here's a talk I did on The Digital Neighbourhood recently, and I'll be shouting A LOT more about it as we grow. Drop us a line if you'd like to be part of this world first, we'd love to welcome you to The Neighbourhood :)





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Welcome to The Neighbourhood

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