World, meet V.I.B.E

You can now self serve to build your chatbots using our awesome drag and drop V.I.B.E platform. Chatbots, and internal processes are easier than ever to build!

Ironically for a company called We Build Bots, we've always wanted to let our customers build their own bots (if they so desired)!

Now our V.I.B.E (visual , intelligent, bot editor) addition to Intelagent lets customers do just that... and more. We've looked at the many bot building platforms out there and asked 'how can we do better'? Our answer was to build the most complete and intuitive builder on the planet!


Using V.I.B.E our customers can drag and drop conversational blocks, integrate with 3rd party systems, set up intelligent conversation routing, train the natural language understanding, and launch across multiple external AND internal channels. That means you can deliver bots across your website, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, inside of native apps, PWAs (progressive web apps), on your intranet or just about anywhere you like within minutes.

But that's not all! You needn't start from scratch. We have a tonne of pre built, sector specific frameworks, meaning you can drag a whole bot into your V.I.B.E interface and start editing and tweaking from there. Basically we've done the heavy lifting for you!

So what next? If you'd like to learn more about building chatbots and internal process automations with a few drags and clicks, drop us a line and we'd be delighted to run you through how Intelagent and V.IB.E work.

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