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The most widely used conversational AI platform in Local Government.


Local Government use cases.

Waste collection

The highest volume, lowest value interactions experienced across Local Government often concern waste collection and environmental services. By automating these, we remove 40% of inbound traffic.


From parking availability to PCN challenges, we're using intelligent automation to streamline access to some of the key highway services across some of the UK's busiest boroughs.

Revenues & Benefits

Often a complex issue that needs sensitivity and expertise, Intelagent helps citizens and teams navigate the information and processes needed to support claims, enquiries and concerns.


From property searches to booking repairs, we know that social housing brings it's own challenges. Citizens need fast, effective support, whenever, and however they reach out to their Authority. Intelagent does just that.


90 seconds with Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council take more that 50,000 calls a year, many of them around waste collection. Monmouthshire selected WBB and Intelagent to support their citizen centric drive through intelligent automation. Here's a snippet showing how we're helping...

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Intelligent automation, powered by conversational AI.