Our bots do the ordinary so your teams can do the extraordinary

Automated service excellence delivered through chatbots and voice assistants.
Any language, any channel, any time.

Deliver better, faster, cheaper services and processes. Meet the industry's most complete conversational AI platform.


Drag and drop ready made conversational frameworks to rapidly build your chatbot. Edit the content in your WYSIWYG editor. Complete control, complete flexibility

Deflect calls

Facilitate intuitive, online self-service, generating high rates of call deflection, reduce inbound emails, reduced dwell time on site, and less need for agent intervention.


Create your departments, add agents to departments, and create skills based routing in a few clicks so that IntelAgent becomes a fully fledged service channel.

Reduced emails

Emails are slow, inefficient and expensive for the organisation to handle. Automated channels reduce inbound email volumes and leave your teams free to deal with more pressing issues.


Leverage our deep, beautifully visualised interaction analytics to understand your customers and your agents. Use the insights to iterate and improve the customer experience.

Drive efficiencies

More automation means more customers self serving, which means less time spend on repetitive tasks, and more time spent on value add work that benefits the organisation and your customers.

Meet the future of customer experience...

IntelAgent is the world’s most comprehensive customer service automation platform. We’re automating services across the public and private sectors through bots, voice and deep analytics.

IntelAgent deflects up to 60% of enquiries away from traditional channels like telephony and email so our customers save time and money, while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

We know that your customers are inside your business as well as outside, so we automate internal processes like HR and IT too. 

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AI. All the time.

Every time a citizen interacts with one of our bots, our IntelAgent platform gets more… intelligent. We’ve processed 2 million+ citizen interactions to date, so we’re pretty good at understanding most things, but when our bots can’t find an answer, they’ll introduce one of your team to take over the chat. IntelAgent monitors that conversation, and learns from what your agent says.


Deep, visualised insight.

Better understand your citizens with IntelAgent’s ID (insights dashboard). Which service do they most regularly request? What channels do they use? What causes peaks and troughs, and what trends can help you to become a more predictive and preemptive organisation? Build and share beautiful, customised reports in minutes.


Service. Everywhere.

Your citizens expect more channel choice than ever before. Reimagine your citizen services by being where they need you; web, Messenger, Whatsapp, Alexa, Google Home, Twitter, SMS, email, in app… you name the channel and our bots will be there.

Manage teams, support customers remotely.

Remote teams need access to core platforms anytime, anywhere, and across any channel. Our mobile first commitment to world class user experience design means your teams can manage departments, monitor direct reports, and serve customers from the palm of their hands. Whatever the 'new normal' holds, decentralised teams are here to stay, and IntelAgent supports that perfectly.


Seamless agent handover.

Our bots do the ordinary so your teams can do the extraordinary. But sometimes, only a human will do. No problem! ‘Switch’ allows your agents to jump into a conversation whenever they’re needed. They’ll get handed the info they need to make the handover seamless, and when they’re done they can switch back to bot mode at the tap of a button. Easy!

Beyond FAQs with integrations.

Connect the services you need, to deliver the service your citizens expect, and move beyond FAQs. APIs or legacy systems, IntelAgent will read and write the data it needs to execute even the most complex of processes. Better still, our architecture consultants and partners will plan the whole technical journey for you.


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“WBB have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive in their approach to ensure their projects and system delivers.”

Carmarthenshire County Counci


“83% of all waste queries are being handled by the bot. With waste making up 54% of all queries this means that we have already given 100s of hours of time back to the contact centre.”

Monmouthshire County Council

“The bot streamlines user experience, decreases dwell time and has an impact on call centre volumes. WBB can't do enough for us, this has been a very positive experience.”

West Berkshire Council

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