Intelagent does the ordinary so your teams can do the extraordinary.

Complex processes made easy through chat bots and voice bots.

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Fewer calls and emails. More productive teams. Much happier customers.

Packed with features to help customers and teams self-serve. 


Drag and drop bot builder

Drag, drop, point, click! Quickly and easily build, train, test and launch bots on any channel. Support customers and colleagues with instant answers to common questions, saving time and money. For more complex issues there's hundreds of integration options.

One click integrations

Integrate with the world's biggest CRMs, payment systems and ticketing software in just a few clicks. Deepen your bot's capabilities and facilitate self-service for even the most complex of processes, removing millions of manual interactions.

Webhook, APIs and SDK

Go even deeper with our library of connections tools. Leverage our APIs, web hook and SDK for deeper in house development. Let your teams push the boundaries of what's possible with deeply integrated conversational AI.

Deploy on any channel

Website, intranet, in app, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitter, SMS, Google Home, Alexa... you get the idea! Your customers and colleagues want to access information whenever and wherever. Whatever they chose, your bot can be there!

Intelligent agent routing

When customers or colleagues need to talk to a human, Intelagent will collect all the relevant information, identify the best placed agent (based on the interaction to date), and hand your users over to that agent via live chat or browser call if preferred.

Fully customisable

We know your brand is your currency, and any bots you deploy represent that brand. That's why you have complete control over the look, feel, tone of voice and even the name of your bots! All in all, it's easy to make your bots your best ambassadors!

NLU training suite

Intelligent bots need Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our NLU training suite means you can quickly and continuously improve your bot's NLU capabilities, and deliver a constantly improving bot experience.

Analytics dashboard

Intelagent collects, analyses and visualises data to help you make better decisions. Become a data driven organisation with our Intelagent analytics. Generate and share reports with stakeholders in a click.

Department/agent creation

Quickly and easily create departments, and add agents to those departments. Add skillsets to agent profiles and establish intelligent routing (making sure customers or colleagues are passed to the most relevant agent if they request human support.

Forms builder

Turn forms into conversations, and conversation into structured data with Intelagent's form builder. Simplify the collection and analysis of key metrics without compromising on customer experience, and integrate responses straight into 3rd party platforms.

Live chat handoff

If customers or colleagues have complex enquiries, Intelagent can introduce the agent best suited to that query (based on your intelligent routing rules). Once the enquiry is satisfied, the agent simply and seamlessly flicks the bot back on to close out the chat.

Sentiment and satisfaction

Intelagent uses language analysis to understand how customers or colleagues are feeling and adapts bot responses accordingly. Intelagent constantly monitors and reports on user's satisfaction levels, meaning you can assess short, mid and long term satisfaction trends.


Supporting your most important people.
Any channel, any platform.

  • Customer impact

  • Team impact

  • Pre built automations

  • Text or voice across any channel

60% less emails and phone calls.

Reduce your inbound contact centre traffic by up to 60%. Customer facing intelligent bots that can execute complex processes as well as answer simple FAQs have a huge impact on the contact centre, and free up thousands of hours so your teams can focus on less repetitive, more rewarding work. Our bots do the ordinary so your teams can do the extraordinary!

26% more time to focus on the real work.

Your teams are hamstrung by outdated, repetitive manual tasks that could (and should) be automated. A OnePoll survey found that 26% of staff time is eaten up by tasks that a non core to their role. Intelligent automation bots can execute these processes in a fraction of the time and your teams can get back to the real work.

Chose from 100's of pre built bots

Because we've deployed hundreds of bots across dozens of departments and in multiple sectors, we have a wide range of pre build bots that you can drag and drop into place, quickly edit and away you go! We've done the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can be live in minutes, not weeks. From customer service to HR, parking to payroll... you name it and we've probably got a bot for it.

Be wherever your customers and teams need you.

Your teams and your customers should expect access to information wherever they are, whatever time it is, and whatever platform they're using. Whether it's via text or voice, on the web, mobile app, smart speaker, social messaging... channel choice is the new service norm, and now you can offer that channel choice, and rapidly build automations for any given channel.