Saving your teams time, and your organisation money.

Drive efficiencies across key departments with conversational AI.

Supporting IT, HR, Payroll and key departments  

Help the helpdesk with conversational AI

Think of Tickit as your helpdesk helper! Tickit can answer the frequently asked questions your IT, HR, Finance (insert name of overrun department here!) teams currently handle every day; saving time and money, and making work feel less like 'hard work'! Up to 80% interactions can be deflected or expedited via Tickit’s self-serve chatbot technology. Take a look below at some of the key features of Tickit...



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Reduce support ticket volumes

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Tickit’s chatbots reduce support ticket volumes by diagnosing and solving common issues that would normally need assistance from one of the team. IT requests, policy searches, HR enquiries and more can all be handled by Tickit so your colleagues can get the answers they need without having to disrupt their colleagues.





Collect key information

Important supporting information can be logged against a user for further problem-solving or analysis, making it easier to find the root cause of the common issues/enquiries prevalent within your business.




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Complex issue ticket creation

If Tickit can't fix an issue, it quickly creates a ticket directly within your current helpdesk solution. Tickit’s self-serve interface means support tickets will only ever be created for issues that REALLY need agent assistance.

Everything else will be solved through a chatbot interface.




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“WBB have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive in their approach to ensure their projects and system delivers.”

Carmarthenshire County Counci


“83% of all waste queries are being handled by the bot. With waste making up 54% of all queries this means that we have already given 100s of hours of time back to the contact centre.”

Monmouthshire County Council

“The bot streamlines user experience, decreases dwell time and has an impact on call centre volumes. WBB can't do enough for us, this has been a very positive experience.”

West Berkshire Council

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