Monmouthshire County Council

Find out how Intelagent is helping Monmouthshire's agents handle the real issues

We’re proud to say that Monmouthshire were the first council to deploy IntelAgent. Always striving to be innovative in their approach to their Digital Transformation, they decided that a Welsh speaking chatbot would be the best way to engage with their constituents.

Since the launch we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the citizens of Monmouth, featuring in many local press articles and social media posts.

At Monmouthshire County Council, we take around 50,000 phone calls a year. These are sometimes vulnerable people, who really need to talk to a person helping them with complex problems.

That chatbot is able to deal with some of the lower level queries, freeing up our staff to deal with more complex problems, really helping vulnerable people.MATTHEW GATEHOUSE, HEAD OF POLICY AND GOVERNANCE

Monty has managed to handle 36,405 users in 6 months of full launch, in which time we have processed 232,839 customer messages.

83% of all waste queries are being handled automatically by the bot. With waste making up 54% of all queries this means that we have already given 100s of hours of time back to the contact centre.

Something that our Community Hub staff talk about is that Monty can deal with the missed bin collections so their time is freed up to find a homeless person a home.ABIGAIL BARTON, COMMUNICATIONS & ENGAGEMENT MANAGER



We have seen amazing success so far with Monty, the Monmouthshire Chatbot. Despite the number of users visiting the chatbot rising each month, we have seen a massive decrease in agent takeovers.

The ever improving AI is able to handle more queries automatically. Currently only 6% of users are being handled by an agent, freeing them up to handle the more complex queries.

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