Intelligent automation for the transport sector.
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Our intelligent automation platform gives passengers better, faster, cheaper access to the services they need, while supporting your teams to provide the best possible customer service.



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Transport sector use cases.

Real time information

Your passengers need travel information on the move, so we integrate with real time information platforms to give them the most up to date travel information.

Delay repay

The delay repay initiative created a whole new set of policies and procedures. Intelagent automates delay repay claims, removing the repetitive tasks, freeing your teams time.

Station information

Passengers need to know about the stations they visit; is there disabled access? Is there car parking? Automate access to the information passengers need, with Intelagent.

Lost property

Our research shows that contact centres are overrun with lost property enquiries. Intelagent facilitates the submission of requests and automated lost property searches.


90 seconds with TfW

When Keolis Amey took over the Transport for Wales franchise, they committed £5bn over 15 years to improvement infrastructure and passenger experience. WBB was selected to help with the passenger experience. Here's a short video about our work...

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