Helping the utilities sector delight customers, and satisfy regulators with intelligent automation

Customers expect more from their energy suppliers and customer service can be a massive factor in customer loyalty. Keep your customers happy with easy access to the services and information they need. 



Working with energy and water companies across the UK


A few ways we're helping our utility clients

Moving home

Moving home is hectic enough without having to worry about onerous moving out or new connection procedures. Just telling a chat bot that you're moving and you need a new connection is all that's needed when Intelagent is installed.

Direct debits and bills

Paying bills, setting up direct debits, settling balances... we're helping our customers make their customers' lives easy through Intelligent automation that handles all the essential financial interactions.

Meter readings

Customers submitting meter readings via chat bots and voice bots can do so in about 30 seconds. Way faster than a phone call, email or even online portal. This kind of customer service can set your organisation apart.

Energy savings

Going that extra mile to help your customers save on their energy bills shows you're a responsible supplier and increases customer retention. Automate tips based on your customers usage with Intelligent automation.


90 seconds with Welsh Water

Whether it's OfWat, OfGem or another regulators, energy companies have a dual responsibility to customers and those that oversee the industry. Welsh Water took a novel approach to their PR19 public consultation, and they asked WBB to help. Take a look...

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